Avoiding Damage To Your Roof or Siding

A Few Things That Can Damage Your Roof or Siding

Your home’s roof and siding are two of its most important parts and often times they get overlooked. There are times when we pay no attention to the roof until something goes terribly wrong and you may not notice that you have an issue with your siding unless the damage is very obvious.  It’s a good idea to pay much closer attention to the condition of your roof and siding then you may think is necessary. It’s best to inspect the two regularly. It is also important to be aware of some of the things which could cause a problem on your roof so proper prevention and care can be taken.  If you are not able to manually inspect your siding or roof we recommend seeking out a qualified siding contractor or roofing professional.  Don’t forget to do some inspecting of your contractor’s credentials and history before hiring them as well!

Here are several things which could cause damage to your home’s roof or siding:

siding-damageTree Limbs and Debris

There are many times in which branches from nearby trees may break off landing on the roof of your home or causing damage to your siding. Many times all it takes is a bit of strong wind. These very same branches as well as leaves that have accumulated on the roof can become moist and cause your roof or shingles to begin to deteriorate and rot. Make sure that nearby tree branches are trimmed and inspect your roof regularly to clear away any branches or debris which may have fallen.


When it rains hard the roof can become weakened, if not handled right away this can not only allow water into your home but also shorten the lifespan of your roof. Make sure your roof is regularly inspected to avoid serious issues from rain damage.  Excess water can also leak or find its way into the cracks of your siding if they are not properly sealed.


The wind can cause shingles to be lifted, this may seem like a minor issue but, if not taken care of it can become serious leading to leaky roofs and walls. It is important to inspect the surrounding areas after a storm or heavy winds, if you find a shingle or a piece of a shingle on the ground the roof must be inspected.


Hail can cause the protective mineral coating on asphalt shingle to become damaged and leave bare spots on the roof. This will leave the roof exposed to further damage from the elements. Hail damage which is excessive will shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Moss, Mold and Algae

Another very serious culprit of roof damage is moss, mold and algae. If there are not regular roof inspections to detect moss,mold or algae so the situation can be controlled immediately, as time goes on the roof will begin to deteriorate and even rot.


Wildlife are able to inflict extreme amount of damage to a roof. From nesting birds, raccoons, mice, woodpeckers, squirrels, and bats, wildlife can be quite damaging. Raccoons are capable of tearing off shingles or even pulling vents completely off all in search of a way into your warm home. Woodpeckers in search of insects in fascia which is rotting or under shingles will peck away. This is in no way beneficial to your roof.

These are the main things which could damage your roof. The best way to avoid extreme damage to your homes roof is by regularly inspecting and maintaining it. If you climb on your roof and see that there is even a small amount of damage it is important to contact a professional who can assist with the repairs and avoid serious damages in the future.